In order to compete in ANCCE sanctioned classes must have ANCCE Papers (Passport) and in some cases be revised. Please see Rulebook for more information and current regulations.

***There is a new rulebook and set of Functionality Tests (one for 4year olds, and one for 5 years and over). Be sure to read through the new rulebook (link below)!

Entries Close Sept 1, 2016

AWC2015 Class Schedule

Class Fees:

ANCCE Classes: $130
World Cup Championship: $150
World Cup Supreme Championship: $250
($1000 in Prize Money!)



ANCCE RulebookAndalusian & Lusitano Class ListEntry FormsFunctionality Test

ANCCE Rule Book

English Version
En Español

Class List

Entry Forms

Functionality Test

**Note: There are now 2 test versions. One for 4yrs and under, and one for 5yrs and older.


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