Sponsorship/Advertising Info:

Andalusian World Cup is the largest Iberian Horse Event in North America, held the end of each September at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We invite you to become part of the experience with “custom tailored” opportunities to become part of the show experience!

It is a one of a kind event, is open to registered Iberian Horses from all registries.
World Cup is hailed as the “don’t miss” event of the year with exhibitors and spectators coming from across the globe; those who cannot be there
in person watch via live broadcast with last year’s event attracting close to 30,000
viewers in 67 different countries over the course of the 3 day event.

The Andalusian World Cup features several options to show your support AND reach your target audience with every budget in mind.

Sponsorships are set up in several levels to bring advertisers the best return for their support, many including VIP tables, Vendor space/Stalls, Web banner advertising, Arena Banners, Show Program Advertising (Full Page), and even commercial space on the live broadcast.

Your company logo also is incorporated with all show marketing!

Have special needs?
We can tailor a sponsorship package just for you!

AWC Sponsorships

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

$25,000.00 USD
– Logo / Brand included on promotional and advertising material for the show and a
permanent watermark on the Live Broadcast
– Two Live Broadcast commercials, two 10X10 vendor space, arena banners and 5
complimentary horse stalls, if desired
– Center spread in show program, your ad materials included in exhibitor packages
– VIP treatment, including complimentary hotel room and two VIP tables on the arena floor
$10,000.00 USD
– Live Broadcast banner and commercial and two pages of advertising in the show program
– Arena banners and one 10 X 10 vendor space
– Logo / brand included as a sponsor on World Cup website and in show program
– One VIP Table on the arena floor and 3 complimentary stalls, if desired
– One 10 minute presentation during the show about your farm or business
$5,000.00 USD
– Live Broadcast banner, one page ad in show program
– Arena banners, one 10 X 10 vendor space and logo / brand listed in show program
– One VIP Table on the arena floor,and 2 complimentary stalls, if desired
$3,000.00 USD
– Live Broadcast sidebar banner ad, half page ad in show program and arena banners
– One complimentary stall, if desired
$2,000.00 USD
-Banner in one arena, quarter page ad in show program and sponsor listing
Class Sponsorships:
Supreme Championship Classes: $500.00
Championship Classes: $150.00
Standard Classes: $100.00

Opportunities are also available for those wishing to sponsor trophies, Supreme Championship Rose blankets, VIP sections and more!

Youth Program Sponsors:
The Vaughn Smith Memorial Youth Program each year selects one deserving youth horseman to compete and receive VIP treatment compliments of the show.

Our sponsors play a huge role in making this a “once in a lifetime” experience through financial and product donations.



Sponsorship not within your means?  We can still help!

Get the word out for as little as $150 with a Live Stream Banner!

Andalusian World Cup offers the following opportunities to market your product or service:

  • Show Program Advertising
  • Arena Banner Advertising
  • Live Stream Banner Advertising
  • Live Stream Commercials
  • Class Sponsorships
  • Product Sponsorships
  • Vendor Booth Space


We are dedicated to hosting the BEST Iberian show possible!
The process in doing so requires support and feedback from everyone involved.
Do you have a suggestion or idea?
We would love to hear it!!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions
(805) 467-7325

Andalusian World Cup

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