Shopping is just part of what makes a world class show into a “must see” event, and as such, the Andalusian World Cup is happy offer vendor spaces for the upcoming World Cup show starting at $550 for a 10ft x 10ft booth (or $1000 for 10ft x 20ft) including standard electrical and backdrop/divider curtains.
Extra electrical, wifi, etc available through South Point at additional charge.

In keeping with the atmosphere of a World Class event, we ask that all displays maintain a clean and professional look and follow a few guidelines (outlined in the application below),

Vendor space and location is determined by:
1. Order of Application Receipt/Deposit.
2. Show Tenure/Sponsorship.
3. Product/Booth requirements.

Ultimate location will be determined by the show board and the South Point Equestrian Center as they deem necessary.

Have questions or special needs for the show?
Feel free to give us a call!  (951) 254-3327


Vendor Application

AWC Vendor Application

Vendor Location:


Sample Vendor Layout:

AWC Vendor Layout