Andalusian Stars in “A Winter’s Tale”

winters tale

A Winter’s Tale

Photo: Colin Farrell riding Listo (Andalusian Stallion) in NY

According to Irish Central on Feb. 21, handsome Dublin-born actor Colin Farrell was seen splashing around in the icy East River. Colin is filming his new fantasy movie “A Winter’s Tale.” Always one to get totally into a role, Farrell was photographed taking his freezing dip in the East River in full clothing.

A Winter’s Tale sees Colin Farrell playing Peter Lake, who falls in love with a dying woman after breaking into her Manhattan apartment. But wait, there’s more. The film is also a bit of a time travel fantasy as the scenes jump between present-day New York City and the 19th century.

Farrell’s lady is played by Downtown Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay. The film also starsWill Smith, Jennifer Connolly and Russell Crowe, along with Farrell and Findlay and is based on the novel of the same name. It’s due to be released later this year.

About the Horses

Equi Partners on Movie Set: Rex Peterson and Cari Swanson of Swanson Peterson Productions are coordinating all the horses, riding, and carriage driving scenes for the filming of the new Russell Crowe movie, A Winter’s Tale

“We are filming Winters Tale in NYC now. All the horses and carriages for the production are ours. We are training all the horsemen for the film. The main character is a magical white horse, a thief and a lover….our white horses are Andalusians. Zeke and Merlin are our geldings and Peaches is the only mare and she is ridden by the stunt doubles for the jumping running scenes. Russell Crowe’s character is Pearly Soames who rides Tuff, an American Quarter Horse. Colin Farrell rides our Andalusian Stallion named Listo. We have several driving scenes with Quarter Horses Thoroughbreds and Paints . The cast includes Colin Farrell as Peter Lake, Jessica Brown Finley as Beverly, Jennifer Connelly as Virgina, Will Smith, the Judge,and Russell Crowe as Pearly Soames.”

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