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Our History

Andalusian World Mapping

Our Birth

With organizations splitting, new ones forming, and others dying off, AndalusianWorld was conceived as a location to host Iberian breed news and information, all in one location and up to date.

Built over a weekend by a breed trainer and equestrian photographer, this “hobby” quickly took on a life of its own.

Our Mission: To provide straight forward information with no alliance to any organization, group, or agenda. Promote the breed for the benefit of all.

Kevin: “In 5 years, we can hold a show in Vegas, bringing all the groups together.”


One Year Later

Website grows: adding an Events Calendar, a directory of service providers, and expanded reach to Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

Promoting shows, as well as providing a “recap” with photos and results becomes a large part of the business.

Site traffic grows exponentially!

“Hobby” takes up more time than “real” work. We may have to make this a legitimate company!

The Year of  Firsts

AndalusianWorld Magazine-First LiveStreamed Show

-Filing for LLC status

-Facebook Presence

-Kate Edwards comes onboard

-First “official” AndalusianWorld banner is made!

-AndalusianWorld Magazine launched


It’s Official!

AndalusianWorld LLC becomes official (as well as all the joys that come with business ownership).

LiveStreaming becomes an integral part of the show experience requiring an investment in “real” equipment.

Andalusian World Cup becomes a reality bringing together over 225 horses to compete at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in ANCCE, Working Equitation, Halter, and performance classes.

A first for the industry with more than 30,000 viewers from 67 different countries.

Andalusian World Cup
Andalusian World Classes

Three years later

In ways it is hard to believe that it has already been 3 years, yet at times it also seems like a lifetime!

The Second Annual Andalusian World Cup show is a huge success with added dressage classes, bigger and better prizes, and many new and old faces!

It has been a year of investment, not only in the show but in the industry as a whole.

New faces can be seen in the arenas, and old barns are coming back out to play!

In a Nutshell

AndalusianWorld finally gets around to creating a more user friendly website.

AndalusianWorld begins providing Marketing Packages for ranches, covering everything from photos to magazine ad design.

Recognized internationally for design and execution, AndalusianWorld is enlisted to provide consultation and design for shows worldwide.

Kate returns from her move back to the Berkshire

AndalusianWorld Magazine

With the success of the 2015 Andalusian World Cup show, AWC gets to work early on the 3rd annual Andalusian World Cup show.
This show is proving to be the largest to date, with lots of new names in the industry, and older breeders once again hitting the show ring.

AWC will be presenting prize money for championship classes in the ANCCE division, a first for ANCCE classes in North America.

Website traffic sets an all new high with viewers coming from 147 different countries, 112 different languages.

Magazine gets a new platform allowing for interactive animation in ads and articles.

Directory gets makeover with interactive mapping and “featured” listings.


Looking to the Stars

In the short period of time that we have been active in promoting the breed, there have been many changes.  Some expected and others a surprise.

The year has started out with the loss of one of our key founders: Amber Lentz, but her legacy certainly remains.
Her loss has frankly been devastating, but we have also been reminded of the power of our “Andalusian” family in pulling together to support, guide, and provide guidance as we move into the new year.  We are confident that we will make her proud!

With numbers at the local shows dropping in the past several years, one would easily attribute the decline to the recent economy. The fact is that people still want to show, they still want to celebrate the breed, community, and all that comes with it. They also want a show worth going to. The World Cup show has been proof of that.

This year marks the launch of Andalusian World East!
Taking what we have learned from the World Cup show in Las Vegas, AndalusianWorld will venture to the East Coast (Raleigh, NC) in May and bring with it all of the classes, fun, and excitement you have grown to expect.  It will forge a great new opportunity for East Coast breeders and owners to show under an International Judging panel with ANCCE, Working Equitation, APSL, USEF/USDF Dressage and DSHB, as well as AndalusianWorld Halter and Performance classes.

We will set our sites on reaching out to new “members” of the Iberian community, supporting events and people that promote the breed, and venture into new avenues of expanding the visibility of our loved horses.

As we move into the future, we look forward to working with all the organizations to forge a path beneficial to the industry as a whole.  Our doors are always open to YOU, for suggestions, input, and even criticism.

We have a bright future ahead, achieved one step at a time, hand in hand as a community!

Amber Lentz

2018 was a year of discovery and forging new friendships and associations.
Kevin Kidder was awarded 2017 Equestrian of the Year by USPRE for his promotion and support for the breed.
-This prestigious award is presented to honor the PRE. Breeder, Owner, Rider or Enthusiast that has most contributed to promote the Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.) in the general equestrian community.

Programs were put into place to promote and support Young Riders, Working Equitation clinics and shows, and lend support to the multitudes of fires which devastated vast regions of California.

It was also a year of refinement and renewal at the Andalusian World Cup.
-More classes added, new custom rose blankets, new working equitation obstacles, and more trophy saddles!

International coordination also became a priority in discussing the future of the breed, equestrian sports, goals, and coordinated efforts for promotion and development.


Few people would argue that Facebook is a great platform for reaching out to a multitude of people, but it can’t compare to the value of reaching out face to face.

Going into 2019, AW is looking to go Mobile!
Not in the terms of phone apps, but truly mobile in the sense of a “Road Trip” approach to reaching out, supporting shows across North America, and supporting those involved in the breeds. Nothing beats a hands-on approach! It will be a huge undertaking, but we are determined to get there!

International coordination will also be a huge focus this year.
When the industry as a whole does well, we all benefit!

Andalusian World Van

Our Team

Amber Lentz

Amber Lentz


The realist: Keeps us all inline and our ambitions in check.
Amber is a professional trainer with a degree in Fund Raising.

Kevin Kidder

Kevin Kidder

COO and Idea Man

Founder of Kidder Design Group, Kevin works behind the scenes keeping the website up to date, “making things work”, and pondering crazy ideas.
To many in the industry, he is known as a “Professional Photographer”, and has worked with many organizations/breeds on show design, marketing and advertising.

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