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2017/05/11 08:00:00

The AndalusianWorld staff is sorry to announce that due to lack of show support future AWE shows will be put on hold.
However, we do hope to bring back another show to the East Coast in the future.


What is Andalusian World East?

AndalusianWorld recognized a genuine desire in the breed to show, but what was missing was a show truly worth going to. We wanted to bring back the class, the sense of community and excitement. One venue where ALL Iberian registries were welcome and united. From this dream, Andalusian World Cup was born, and now Andalusian World East.

The Andalusian World Cup is the largest Iberian Horse Event in North America, held the end of September of each year at South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a one of a kind event, open to registered Iberian Horses from all registries, with horses and spectators traveling from around the globe to compete and watch the event. World Cup is hailed as the “don’t miss” event of the year!

With great success in Las Vegas, we bring Andalusian World to the East Coast.

Andalusian World East will follow the format and rules of its sister show in Las Vegas, while celebrating the sense of community, hospitality, and spirit of the East Coast.

For information, and applicable forms, please select the desired links at the top of the page.

We look forward to seeing our old friend, meeting new ones, and creating fond memories!

See you there!

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Kevin Kidder

(805) 467-7325

Lance Bennet
(Show Manager)

(760) 510-1111

Violet Paez
(ANCCE Manager)

(951) 230-1180
En español

Christian De Aquino Darnaude

+34 68 740 0761

En español

Shannon Bossung
(Dressage Manager)

(703) 431-5663

Hunt Horse Complex

(919) 821-7400

or email us!

2017 AWE Show Premium

Inside you will find relevant information for the ANCCE, Working Equitation, and AndalusianWorld classes along with pertinent information on the facility and how to make the most of your visit!

VETERINARIAN  ON CALL: 3H Equine Clinic: (919) 363-1686  Pager:(919) 982-3768
FARRIER ON CALL: Steve Prescott (843) 247-3377
EMT: David Lanthere (919)-200-2554

Sponsored By:

Kidder Design Group
AW Show Series
Blueberry Farm
Haras Dos Cavaleiros

*AndalusianWorld reserves the right to eliminate/combine/split classes as it deems necessary for smooth operation of the show.

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