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Why the new website?
Why do I have to Register?
Does EVERYONE have to Register?
How do I Register?
How do LISTINGS work?
How do I add my LISTING?
How do I submit a story or article?
How can I get involved?
Why the new website?

Technology changes rapidly, as does the need to keep up with it.

When we originally created the AW website, we had no idea that it would one day grow into the beast that it has become.

Not only was an update necessary to handle the sheer volume of information and traffic to the site, but also to address HOW you access the site.

MOBILE: Mobile access now accounts for more than 50% of all website traffic.
It was imperative for us to provide options that worked just as well for accessing the site whether on your computer, phone, or tablet.

…and HOPEFULLY, you will find navigating the site easier and more intuitive!

Why do I have to Register?

There are a few reasons for the registration requirement:

1. Adding your “profile” allows you create and update listings.
2. Registration cuts down on spam in postings and to listings.

Does EVERYONE have to Register?

Registration is only required for those wishing to post a listing and/or review a listing or product.

Again, I don’t like SPAM, you don’t like SPAM!

How do I Register?

Add Listing

In order to add a listing or review a product or service, the user (YOU) must be logged in.  This prevents spam and other malicious things that can happen on the “world wide web” (or is that 2 words??)

Any of these actions will prompt you to login.

If not currently registered, click on the link below the LOG IN button to start the registration process.

Login & Registration

Simply add a USER NAME and EMAIL address.




Login information will be emailed to you where you can add your own password, set up a profile, and more (optional).

This is your “PROFILE PAGE”.

Feel free to customize your profile, change your password, and edit details.


You can return to the AndalusianWorld website at anytime by clicking on the link at the top left.

How do LISTINGS work?

Listings are grouped into 2 basic TYPES:


Because each of these requires different sets of information, they are housed and operated from 2 separate servers (and hence requiring registration for each) allowing for the ability to search for specific characteristics (horse) or business type.

Other main differences are:

Business Listings allow FREE and FEATURED listings.

All ‘HORSE’ listings are paid listings (Sales horses, Stallions at Stud)

How do I add my LISTING?

Add Listing

Start by visiting the appropriate directory.

Is your listing for HORSES or a BUSINESS/SERVICE?

Select Submit A Listing, as pictured to the left


IF you are not currently logged in or Registered, you will be presented with the page at right.

Already Registered?  Enter your Username & Password. Click LOG IN.

Otherwise, click on the link below the LOG IN button to register.(See Registering Above)

This will allow you to not only create listings, but come back and edit them, add/change pictures, contact information, etc.

Login & Registration


Add Your Listing Information

Once logged in, adding a listing is as simple as answering a few questions and adding a photo or two!

How do I submit a story or article?

Do you have a story that you think the world should know about?

AndalusianWorld publishes stories on a regular basis using 4 primary conduits:

  • Facebook
  • Syndicated News
  • Magazines
  • Email

If you believe that your story might be of interest, please feel free to submit to:

How can I get involved?

Regardless of your experience or financial position, there are always opportunities to get involved in the breed!

From volunteering at horse show to making a few phone calls, supporting the breed is a never ending project.

Where can you help?
Give us a call, or shoot us an email!

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Send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP!

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