IALHA Announces Registration Amnesty Program

logo_ialha_small Source: www.ialha.org

The IALHA, with the approval of the Registry Board and the Board of Directors, is offering an Amnesty Program to past, present, and future members of IALHA.  If you have a horse one year old, or older, that you have never registered, or an unregistered older horse that is ready to show, now is the time to get their paperwork.

During this Program starting July 1, 2014, and ending Aug. 31, 2014, you will be able to register any eligible adult horse(s) for half of the regular registration fee.  In other words, for the months of July and August, the regular registration fee of $100 will be cut to $50.  All other applicable fees for registration will remain as published.  If your horse(s) are already registered with another recognized registry we will accept those papers as identification.  Also providing us with a copy of the DNA Marker report and the microchip verification will save you the cost of having to purchase another DNA test and a microchip.

Remember the IALHA National Show is literally just around the corner and IALHA Show Rules say that IALHA registration papers must be presented at time of show entry.  Don’t be just a spectator.  Get your horses registered with IALHA, enter them in the show, and be part of the fun.

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