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The IALHA will be hosting an intensive judge seminar for those interested in pursuing a USEF judge license with the Andalusian/Lusitano division. The seminar will be held September 15-18, 2016 in conjunction with our National Show at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park in South Jordan, Utah. Participants are responsible for covering their travel, lodging, and meals during this in-depth seminar, but the IALHA will cover all tuition costs. Attendance does not guarantee a USEF A/L license; however, this in-depth seminar will provide participants official credit toward the USEF classroom/clinic requirements for judge licensure.

The seminar is open to all USEF carded judges interested in adding an A/L card to their licenses, limited to 20 applicants. The IALHA invites people not currently affiliated with the USEF who wish to apply for their judge’s license to consider this educational opportunity for enhancing their knowledge about the breed and fulfill one requirement toward applying for a judge’s license. Our instructor will be Wayne G. Hipsley, R, USEF A/L


To apply, please complete the Application, available by clicking on the link below: Judge Seminar Application, HERE

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