Registries – What is the difference?

There is often a lot of confusion for those new to the breed about the different associated registries.

We have ANCCE, IALHA, and FPSH.


Cara Hamer has taken the time to go through each one and briefly explain each one and the differences:

Andalusian (PRE) registriesBuying a PRE / Andalusian ?? Know what you are looking for in your registries and documentation.
Here is some information on the different registries available to the ” Andalusian “.

I wanted to share this with friends as MANY sellers/ breeders are deceptive and or may possibly not understand this for themselves. When they use the term PRE , it may be Mundial which is not the same as ANCCE. The sellers will be discreet -KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

Use caution and know what you are doing BEFORE spending money on your dreams and getting possibly disappointed. I am always horse shopping for friends and running into some sellers who think they can manipulate what they have into something else. If you ever have a question DO NOT Hesitate to call or message me , I definitely don’t know everything!! I am always learning but I can help you in the right direction and possibly clear some confusions.

ANCCE = Asociación National de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española stud book.
Easy way to describe breed is PRE (PURA RAZA ESPANOLA) . The ONLY PRE studbook that is officially recognized by The government of Spain and the Ministry of agriculture, ANCCE=the PRE MOTHER organization. Only horses with both parents revised ( approved for breeding by a studbook official meeting all breed qualifications) through the Spanish stud book (ANCCE) may be used for breeding in this program. When foals are born they are inscribed ( blood drawn , markings, swirls identified and microchip placed in neck) given a passport and placed in the Spanish studbook using a certified veterinarian affiliated with the studbook. At the age of three years old they are eligible for a REVISION PROCESS were a representative from Spain comes to look over and approve OR fail the horse for breeding for future generations. *Animals that DO NOT pass revision may keep their registration/ passport however are not granted breeding rights or registration to resulting foals/ their offspring cannot be registered as they did not fulfill breed requirements in ANCCE. Our link to LG ANCCE here in the USA is USPRE, in Wellington Florida. All paperwork is handled-organized/checked for completion through them before going to Spain. I have never had a bad experience

Registry for Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish/Portuguese & Azteca/Warlander/outcross to Iberian Horses in the United States. The founding of the first Registry in the United States in 1966. The Studbooks of the two Mother Countries were the foundation of that first Registry. In 1995 the two existing Registries ( IAHA and AAHA) were combined to create IALHA. At that time, ALL the horses in the Studbooks of both registries were checked very carefully to ensure that the Studbook of the new Registry (IALHA) was absolutely correct. IALHA will accept new horses recognized in other stud books such as ANCCE , PRE MUNDIAL, and APSL (a Lusitano registry).
👀IALHA registry does NOT*** have any revision process, animals that both pass or fail from the OTHER studbook revision process are granted full breeding and registration through this organization IF PARENTAGE CAN BE VERIFIED. IALHA will also Grant full papers on Andalusian / Lusitano crosses. Paperwork will note
🐴 (S) Spanish/Andalusian.
🐴 (P) Portuguese/ Lusitano or
🐴 (S/P) Spanish / Portuguese.
This is also the registry that will allow you to register AZTECA and crossbred animals (as long as one parent is In The stud book you can register and recognize a foal with one parent that is grade).
*If a horse registered through this organization holds pure Spanish IALHA papers (S) only and wishes to obtain ANCCE REGISTRATION they are NOT eligible, unless the PARENTS of the horse wanting to be registered hold an ANCCE passport and are revised and approved for breeding . I believe this is the same for APSL.

FPSH: The FOUNDATION OF THE PURE SPANISH HORSE ( PRE MUNDIAL) based out of New Mexico, this is a purple colored Passport.
Make sure you do not have any confusion as this is NOT the mother registry ANCCE.
P.R.E. Mundial traces back to the horses of the original ANCCE Stud Book. PRE MUNDIAL DOES do an inscription and revision process for horses in the registry. HORSES are Failed and Approved for breeding in this registry very similar to ANCCE and just as costly💰💰. A horse that is revised through ANCCE can be cross registered in this MUNDIAL registry, however if you only hold MUNDIAL papers/ passport and wish to register with the ANCCE (Spanish) stud book you may NOT without both Sire and Dam being registered and revised through the ANCCE studbook.
FURTHERMORE NOTE: If your horse is an IALHA registered (S) horse, your complete IALHA registration papers will substitute for the breeding certificate and proof of ownership, you can apply for a MUNDIAL PASSPORT and revise something that’s parents possibly failed ANCCE revision and went to IALHA and produced offspring. MUNDIAL prides itself as being modern and efficient in registration time as SPAIN ANCCE had/ has a reputation for taking some time. ***But anything done internationally will take longer, many people want things NOW!!
FPSH (Mundial) also refers to its registered horses as “PRE”.

If you read descriptions on the registry home pages you may be shocked by the play on words. With this said, I have tried hard to put this together for education so that is non-offensive nor trigger anyone. These are the registration organizations I am aware of and available In The USA
– Cara

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