TRC Clinic – What you need to know


TRC: What is it?

The TRC, also known as TQB refers to the ANCCE Tribunals for Qualified Breeding Stock.

The TRC is a test organized by the ANCCE where morphological and / or functional qualities, biomechanics and locomotives are measured by evaluating the movements of the three main air: walk, trot and canter (valuing elasticity, straightness, impulsion, balance, cadence , power, regularity, rhythm, amplitude, suspension and coordination) and behavioral skills, plus reproductive and health characteristics, according to the procedure laid down for it.
WHEN: SEPT 13-18, 2016

The following video provides a walk through of what you will need prior to a TRC clinic, what to expect AT the clinic, and the processing of results.

For forms and registration, please visit the USPRE Website.

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