Winter Equine Care Tips

~AndalusianWorld Magazine

Winter can be a time of relaxation from chores for many, or a time of unease for those anxious to interact with their horses.

We have compiled a list of popular “Winter” topics from AndalusianWorld News to help you cope with the season, and perhaps get a head start on next year’s show season.

Winter horse fun

Horses require extra attention during winter’s coldest temperatures

As the temperatures decrease, a horse’s feed requirements increase. Consider taking the following measures to ensure the safety and health of your horse.

Horse Tack

Winter Activities: Properly Cleaning & Oiling Your Tack

When the temperatures plummet and everyone is developing an acute case of cabin fever, there are few normal barn activities that can be accomplished with any sort of normality. Take this opportunity to sit down with a pile of tack, to clean and condition it for the next year.

Winter Shelter

Winter shelter requirements

Horses need access to shelter and should be fed additional hay during adverse winter weather.

Feeding horses in winter

Horses need more food in winter

Cold temperatures will increase a horse’s energy requirement as the need to maintain core body tem- perature increases. e temperature below which a horse needs additional energy to maintain body warmth is called the lower critical temperature.

Exercising horses in winter

Exercising horses during winter

Trace clipping can reduce the time necessary to cool down a horse during winter riding.
Exercise should not stop during the winter months. During extreme winter weather, many horses are o en con ned…

Winter Stall Care

Manure storage and getting through the winter

Livestock farms under the NPDES permit system are required to have manure storage systems emptied down to the point of having 6 months of available storage sometime between the November 1 and December 31…

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